Mestezia RPG

An Epic, Tactical, Fantasy RPG with Latin American Steampunk Awesomeness


Mestezia is a world of high magic and steampunk technology, of mysterious gods and interfering spirits, of clever warriors and stalwart ritualists. It’s a world on the cusp of change, where a group of intrepid adventurers can tip the balance of history. The world is vast.

  • High Magic. Trickster Duendes shower good fortune on those who can defeat them in battle, but curse those who prove cowards. Gueche inheritors march to battle carrying mummies of their ancestors on their backs. Nazcarte messengers soar above the deseert following powerful geoglyph winds. And the wandering city of Xarlaca skips through the tides of reality, emerging at random through the world. The world is saturated with wonder and enchantment. And spirits. Lots and lots of spirits.
  • Epic Scale. PCs start in a magical city, travel the multiverse, and save it from destruction. And like Latin America itself, Mestezia is diverse, with each region focusing on a different genre and source of inspiration. From the swashbuckling pulp adventure to the Mesoamerican necropunk, Carribean-inspired high seas, the Mojave/Gaucho weird western, Andean military fantasy, Colombian steampunk, Amazonian gothic horror, and Patagonian nature utopianism. Mestezia has all the fantasy that you never knew you were missing.
  • Latinidad. Mestezia is inspired by the vastly underutilized landscapes and cultures of Latin America. The regions of Mestezia are inspired by the mild Catalina coastal islands, the cactus-strewn Mojave desert, the overwhelming scale of the Amazon, and more. The pre-Columbian civilizations and more contemporary Latin America cultures provide a fresh palette for fantasy worldbuilding. Instead of European medievalist fantasy tropes like wizards, feudal lords, dragons, elves, wizards, taverns, and knights in shining armor, Mestezia has brujes, caciques, feathered serpents, duendes, luchadores, chocolate, and sly zorristes.


In some ways Mestezia is similar to many other RPGs like D&D. It uses dice rolling to add suspense and variety, uses turns and grids in combat to add tactics, and has an exception-based ruleset. That means it has a streamlined set of core rules, and it defines powers by how they break the rules. Within these paradigms, it prioritizes:

  • Tactics. You'll have more than good option, but . Combats take time, as much as an hour to play through, and either you enjoy strategy and tactics or you won't like the system.
  • Non-combat Encounters.The tactical gameplay extends into purely collaborative encounters. They provide a framework for anything from epic wilderness journeys to palace intrigue to investigative mysteries. They combine the mini-game-within-a-game approach of traditional combat encounters with robust non-combat powers to play them.
  • Balance. Different character types have distinct strategies and styles, but none are stronger than the rest, and the GM has tools to gauge the level of difficulty for the party.
  • Collaboration. The mechanics encourage coordinating actions with teammates and ways to combine efforts are baked into various powers. Parties are most effective when PCs specialize in different roles and work together.
  • Active Players. The system maximizes the amount of time players spend rolling dice, strategizing, and role playing. Record keeping is minimized and players are involved in encounters even when it’s not their turn.
  • Focused GM. NPC creation is gratifyingly fast. At the table, GMs roll no dice and do little math, allowing GMs to focus on strategy, story, and table management.
  • Heroic Adventure. The resource economy incentivizes players to act heroically, to spend rather than to conserve mechanical resources. Mundane, simulationist details are abstracted to focus on the story and moments of glory and entertainment.
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Outside of reality, a paradise.
For desperate refugees, a sanctuary.
Against greed and violence, a citadel.
For curious scholars, a mystery. Xarlaca.

Xarlaca, the great Obsidian Garden city, was built before the last apocalypse. It was planned as a refuge against the coming destruction and a seedbank to repopulate the world being born. But after humanity recovered, greedy kings and power hungry warlords destroyed its sister cities one by one to loot their treasures. Now, Xarlaca is the only Obsidian Garden city left.

Xarlaca’s guardians knew they couldn’t endlessly fight off the armies turning to attack them, so they hid the city instead. One hundred years ago, the entire island disappeared overnight, leaving behind only rumors and open ocean. The city skips on the tides of the multiverse now, occasionally reappearing in the material plane. Legend says that if you’re clever and determined, you can find your way to Xarlaca, or that Xarlaca will find its way to you. And that they welcome those who will vow to defend it.

In the first Adventure

A thief and his crew have made off with a map that could let them loot Xarlaca. So Rosa, a Xarlacan smuggler-spy, has recruited you to stop them. If you succeed, she’ll lead you to the fabled city state. All you have to do is learn to cooperate with a motley assortment of would-be heroes so you can cross a hundred miles of hostile terrain and take out hardened criminals.

The tutorial shows new players how to play the game, and new GMs how to run the game. We're currently in playtesting the adventure and rewriting it based on player and GM feedback.

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Behind the Scenes

We're currently working with playtest groups and a couple volunteer beta readers to test the first Adventure. In the background, I'm also working on editing the players handbook, finishing writing the GM's guide and the setting guide, as well as outlining Adventure Path and other Setting Guides. If you have an interest in being a beta tester, reviewer, or collaborator, please email me at overpreparedgm at

Publication Schedule

  • June 2020: Printable Starter Kit (includes part 1 of the Journey to Xarlaca Tutorial Adventure, Core Rules, 5 Premade Characters, 2 battlegrid maps, and complete set of printable for GM and Players.)
  • TBA Journey to Xarlaca: A Level 0 Tutorial Adventure Module
  • TBA Playing Mestezia: A Player's handbook
  • TBA In the Obsidian Garden: Level 1 Adventure Module
  • TBA Running Mestezia: A GM's handbook
  • TBA World of Mestezia: A Setting Guide to Mestezia and Xarlaca, the Last of the Obsidian Garden Sanctuaries
  • TBA In Service to the Train God: Level 2 Adventure Module
  • TBA Mad Mazcuche: Level 3 Adventure Module
  • TBA Azcuche: A Setting Guide for adventuring and living in the Unclaimed Lands
  • TBA A Spy in the Flayed Court: Level 4 Adventure Module
  • TBA Beneath the Blasted Desert: Level 5 Adventure Module
  • TBA Eztiali: A Setting Guide for those determined to survive the Land of Blood